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Are you ready to take your brand influence to the next level? For those of you seriously committed to leadership and impact, I want to work with you.

Let’s get started with my powerhouse assessment strategy consultation where I can identify your goals, assess your needs, and ensure you are clear on the next steps/actions you need to take for your brand.

If we decide we are a good fit to work together, we will select the right plan for you—and I’ll be telling you to buckle your seatbelt and prepare to take your brand to new heights.

Remember, I’m only working with committed entrepreneurs and businesses willing to do what it takes to step into innovative leadership. If that’s you, please fill out the form below and I look forward to our appointment!


Doing the work that I have been with Cherie Aimée… How many times did I say to myself that what I am doing is pointless? How many times did I say to myself that my desire to travel, connect with soul family, share my poetry, my music, my story, was not something that I could do? And to know that this woman, a living light, giving her heart to the world, is here for me and watching… I want to show myself that I can feel, live, and love from my heart… That I can be free, completely.

Tarrah Layne
Tarrah Layne

Absolute legend is Cherie. Cherie always lights a fire in you with her amazing energy and passion.

Paul Ames
Paul Ames

Cherie your love and your light continue to inspire me!! You are such a gift to this world! THANK YOU for shining so bright!

Alexi Panos
Alexi PanosAuthor of 50 WAYS TO YAY

My mentor Cherie Aimée may be a lot of things, a best-selling author, digital TV host, international speaker, and branding strategist, but what stands out the most about her is her authenticity! She is 100%! Cherie Aimée brings! Know your value.

Zasha Hall
Zasha Hall

You raise the excellence and vibration of every single person around you. We are so lucky to know you.

David Brumaro
David Brumaro

Let me tell you about Cherie Aimée. I know without a doubt that she will eventually no longer have money problems because she is in flow.

Grant Cardone
Grant CardoneNY Times #1 Best-Selling Author, Multi-millionaire and Top Social Media Influencer.

She hustles harder than your boyfriend! Blessed to be working alongside Cherie Aimée! #TIGERMAMA came back from the dead and brought us a message to Live Big & Be Happy! Don't let that smile fool you! She's fierce.

Christian Santiago
Christian SantiagoDRVN PRODUCTIONS
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