What Is Busting Out Of Obscurity?

What Is Busting Out Of Obscurity?

Have you ever felt like there’s this deep burning desire in your soul to live bigger? To play a bigger game out in the world? To share your gifts boldly and proudly with the world?

But after you snap back into reality, you think, “How can that possibly ever happen? The world is so big. Who am I? No one even knows I exist.”

Well, I understand those feelings. I’ve been there for a very long time.

Despite all the career successes I’ve achieved over the years, I felt like it still didn’t represent me. Who I AM in all my joy, love, passion, gifts…

I felt like my achievements always represented a tiny portion of my soul and all I was capable of.

I felt frustrated in my dreams. I felt alone in my ambitions. And I felt pressured to stay small and keep everyone around me happy in my diminished light.

This went on my entire life until 6-years ago when I had a massive spiritual awakening.

One day out of the blue, my heart stopped. I flatlined right in my husband’s arms just minutes after arriving to the hospital emergency room. Doctors tirelessly attempted to resuscitate me for over 90-minutes with no success. Medical staff was prepared to call my time of death. It’s an absolute miracle I’m still here.

But here is the awakening I had…

I realized how short life really is. I experienced how quick it all happened. One minute I was alive, the next minute I found myself floating around in a whole new world. A world described by near death experiencers, like myself, and medical researchers as the Afterlife or Heaven. Basically, a world that only a few thousand around the world have experienced and live to tell about it.

I experienced what a person goes through when they know they are dying. I felt the regrets so deeply in my soul. It’s still painful to feel that day, where I knew I was dying. I will be sharing more of that in my upcoming books.

The point is, I had a choice of whether or not I would ignore this whole awakening or actually face it head on and allow it to propel me in a direction that would shift how I showed up in my new, second-chance at life. I chose to let it transform me.

In that transformation something powerful happened to me:

  1. I no longer feared death and now chose to live each day as if it were my last.
  2. I made a decision that no one else’s opinions could ever control the level at which I hid or showed up as myself in the world.
  3. I trusted every decision I made by tuning into my soul with the knowing that my mind, body, and soul had all the answers within me and at all times. I just needed to be willing and open enough to access them without distractions.
  4. I began to test out the reality of how my world is created. I started feeling, knowing, seeing my life as exactly how I wanted it in order to created it in my physical reality. I tapped into a level of soul power that to this day shocks most people around me.
  5. I began to flow with creation faster than the speed of light in order to create achievements for my life, which circumvented any challenges or difficulties I had going on in my life.

When I started to recognize the transformations happening for me, I knew I could extend it into the creation of my business goals. I wanted to take my story and create a powerful brand platform, which would connect me back into the world while allowing me the financial ability to take care of my everyday needs.

What I ended up creating was far more powerful than I ever envisioned.

Now I help other creative entrepreneurs, through an online training academy access the same information within themselves and turn their desires and mission into a personal income-producing brand so they can impact the world on a massive level.

So when I think of Busting Out Of Obscurity, I think of the following results:

  1. Coming out of the unknown, out of the shadows of your life.
  2. Boldly telling the world who you are. Being able to clearly communicate who you are and what you stand for.
  3. Feeling safe and confident with expressing your authentic self, transparently online and out in the world.
  4. Rising above the noise on social media so you stand out amongst the crowd with your unique message.
  5. Being committed and willing to do whatever it takes to get your name and brand burned into the minds of your audience.

It takes a lot of guts, passion, and confidence to be able to bust out of obscurity, but as you learn and grow through the training, you’ll begin to see amazing results at every stage. It’s a powerful transformation that I feel so honored to witness with my clients throughout the world.

What do you think busting out of obscurity can do for your life? Please comment below with some of your dreams you aspire to create!

Peace + branding,