Release The Kraken

Release The Kraken

5 Critical 2017 Goal-Setting Steps For Success

There’s something special about seeing aspiring entrepreneurs who read, learn, and take immediate action to ensure success every day in their life.

This one fleeting thought sparked this whole inner dialogue that allowed me to take a good hard look at the lingering fears I still have lurking in the depths of my underworld and transform my entire business strategy for 2017. Here’s how.

Fear Lurking In The Underworld

I’m laying awake in my bed just about to start the day, and I can’t help shake this gnawing thought in my mind: I need to cut the distractions from my life now.

The past few days I’ve been deep in reflection over my experiences in 2016.

It was a year of a few major disappointments but also many successes, including realizations that everything ended up working out for the better.

As I continue to reflect, I realize that I’ve reached a place in my life and business where it’s critical for me to release the people, things, or situations that are distracting me or slowing me down from reaching my targets.

I’ve known this for quite some time now, but fear has been holding me back from committing to this action in a few key areas. It’s been lurking in the underworld of my life while I’ve been blatantly ignoring it. Can you relate?

It can feel uncomfortable to let go of people and situations that have become a big part of your life. Not so much because you enjoy comfort, but because you want to see everyone around you succeed.

It’s always nice to support and uplift all those around you until they start to see the fruits of their labor. Plus, it’s more fun when you’re achieving success alongside your friends and peers that you’ve grown to cherish.

You Can Only Open The Door

One of the hardest realizations along the road to success, whatever that may mean for you, is that you cannot take others with you.

You must be able to walk through the many doors of opportunity alone, grow yourself, better yourself, and succeed yourself first before you can go back and lift anyone else to new heights.

Leaving others behind can be a challenge for those of us who are heart-centered and understand the struggles of everyday life and understand the power of one person opening up that critical doorway towards your success.

At the same time, just like you’ve had to dig deep within your soul to find the courage to walk through the doors of opportunity, that so many have opened up for you, you have to allow others that same gift.

The gift to walk through that door themselves when they are ready.

Energy Leaks Will Slowly Kill You And Your Dreams

Energy leaks were highlighted drastically in this moment of reflection.

There are areas in my life and business that are draining and wasting my energy and stripping down parts of my vital life force, which allows me to move with health, speed, and vitality.

This is hurting not just the future success of my business but it’s also the sustainability of my health. It’s more stressful for me to be pushing against areas of my life that are not willing to do what it takes to get in the flow of success than to seek out the people, places, and situations which are.

Acknowledging these energy leaks is critical because now I can do something about it.

Releasing That Which No Longer Serves You

Sometimes this can mean relationships, groups you’re a part of, or even a business venture or market you have been servicing up until now.

While I always learn and grow from my experiences, it’s important for me to know when something is no longer serving me or providing me with value towards my goals.

At that point, it’s up to me to take full responsibility and release the parts of my life which are distracting me from my bigger vision.

The Harsh Truth About Distractions

Distractions can and will slow you down severely when you are a risk taker and committed to going all in living a life of no regrets.

As I lay here reviewing my written goals for 2017, I realized that the action plan I have written out for myself, to achieve these milestones, was full of distractions.

I found myself a bit panicked.

Then I took a deep breath and realized what a blessing to have taken these past few days to get clear on what it is I want for my life, who I want to serve, and how I want to provide value to them.

It’s now up to me to revise my strategy plan and go after my dreams.

Taking Full Responsibility To Ensure Your Success

Here are some things to consider when assessing your current action plan for 2017.

  1. What is it you’re looking to create for your life in 2017? How does this feel to you?
  2. What milestone targets can you identify, so you will know that you have successfully achieved your goals by the end of next year?
  3. What activities, people, or situations currently in your life are without a doubt helping you reach your targets?
  4. What relationships fuel your energy and provide you with value every day to propel you forward?
  5. What relationships feel like dead weight? They provide little to no value or are holding you back by their inability to take action and do the work or provide exceptional value and contribution to your life?

Taking just 10-15 minutes out of your day to assess these few areas is enough to help you refocus your time and energy while re-strategizing your game plan for 2017.

Peace + New Year’s blessings,