How To Discover Your Life Purpose

How To Discover Your Life Purpose

7 Steps To Figuring Out What To Do With Your Life

Are you feeling confused or stuck about what to do with the rest of your life? Do you find yourself searching left and right for answers or someone to tell you what your life purpose is? Does it frustrate you to see others around you going full-steam ahead towards their goals and yet you remain feeling immobile with no idea what your unique gift is to the world? Especially one that people would pay you for?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in your thoughts. Many people from all walks of life struggle with this major life decision. Even I felt indecisive about my path here on Earth for many years. I would find things I enjoyed, jobs I excelled at, but my soul was always longing for more. I didn’t know what to do with those thoughts. I was a dreamer. I was a visionary. I needed some guidance on which of my dreams I should pursue and how.

What I uncovered along my journey was a strong need for so many of us to open up our hearts to ourselves, in the form of self-love. Many creative, heart-centered people are natural-born givers. We enjoy giving to others. Sometimes we give so much that we fail to ensure that we are giving ourselves the same amount or more of this love.

You may be asking, “how will self-love help me to figure out what to do with my life?”

Great question.

What’s holding you back from getting clarity on your dreams is all the noise that is surrounding you from outside forces every day. Your mind is getting flooded all day with lifestyles you should be striving to achieve, goals you should be setting, perceptions you should be keeping up with and it gets exhausting and overwhelming to know which direction is right for you.

The only person that can ever tell you what type of lifestyle is going to align with your life purpose is you.

This is why the first place I recommend you begin, is by tuning into your own personal desires. Getting to know yourself better. Gaining clarity over what makes you the beautiful soul that you are.

So, what are some ways to gain some clarity over what areas of life may be the best direction for you to head towards along your path?

Spend some quiet time by yourself and start listening to your inner voice. This may be uncomfortable for some of you at first because you maybe afraid of what your own I thoughts may say about you. Don’t worry though, you are always safe.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to help you get comfortable with your alone time:

  1. Find a quiet place to relax and be by yourself without any distractions. A quiet room, the beach, the lake, or somewhere out in nature are my favorite locations.
  2. Train your mind to send any thoughts of discomfort, doubt, unworthiness, love each time they come up.
  3. Trust that the discomfort will ease up overtime and you will begin to enjoy your moments of quiet solitude and space to re-connect with your soul.
  4. Seek knowledge in your inner world as opposed to the outer world. There is so much wisdom deep inside your soul.
  5. Pay attention to what thoughts, activities, ideas feel good to you and which don’t feel so good. This is your soul telling you loud and clear what feels aligned and what does not.
  6. Make a list of the activities that speak to your heart and soul. The ones that bring you joy and happiness when you think about them. See if there are any you can begin to pursue as a path towards discovery.
  7. Practice this daily to get used to a new way of seeking guidance.

I always recommend keeping a journal with you during quiet time to record some of your thoughts that you can review later on.

When you don’t know what to do with your life, you can get quiet, get still, and get to know yourself on an intimate level. Because when you start to get to know yourself, you’ll begin to find a whole new appreciation for who you are. When you find this, you begin to fall in-love with who you are and what it is you desire to create in the world.

I always say, you attract who you are, so if you are falling in love with who you are on a deeper soul level, the world around you will begin to reflect this.

That’s when you’ll discover, you never needed to find your purpose at all. You just needed to be open and available for your purpose to find you.

How do you celebrate you with self-love? Comment below and share!

Peace + love,