Happiness vs Hustle

Happiness vs Hustle

Do I Have To Sacrifice My Health To Achieve Success?

Do you consider yourself a hustler? This is a term used so often online these days. No matter which social media platform you hang out on, I know you probably are feeling the pressure to attach the hashtag #hustler to every post you make, even if that word doesn’t align with your soul essence.

I am all about clarity.

Which means, before I choose to accept certain vibrations into my Universe, I must examine further it exactly symbolizes for me.

Many people get caught up on words and there meanings. I’m the complete opposite.

My near-death experience and journey into the unknown taught me many lessons about the life we are currently living. One of these lessons taught me that words don’t mean anything.

Words are meaningless.

You can only assign a meaning to a word yourself or hold onto someone else’s definition of of word and possibly allow it to control you.

The power lies in you.

With that said, you can choose to align the word hustle to mean something other than physically killing yourself in the name of success, in order to create your powerful business as an entrepreneur.

When I think of the word hustle, I imagine my unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to step outside my comfort zone and create my life. Instead of being a victim of circumstance, I can choose to create exactly that which I wish to experience in my life.

Sometimes that means I have to come up with creative ways to get past obstacles, which have shown up in my life, in order to achieve the same or better results that someone I am inspired by has already attained. But the point is, I can still achieve the unimaginable if I just allow myself to believe, visualize, create, and share.

So, you don’t have to sacrifice your health and wellbeing to create success for yourself. You do need to commit to mastery of your self so you can understand how to best move through those areas which you feel limited or powerless in your life.

The more you do this, the better you will become at living a life with hustle without compromising your happiness.

How do you feel about the word hustle? Let me know by commenting below!

Peace + happiness,