Are You Willing To Stand Alone?

Are You Willing To Stand Alone?

The Truth About Leadership

Leadership seems like such a glamorous role doesn’t it? You get millions of followers, the spotlight is on YOU and you get to have control over everything in your surroundings. That’s what you’re thinking right?

Because I know a lot of people who want to be a leader for those very reasons.

But the truth is, great leaders know that is not a reason to be a leader at all. In fact, you may pull it off but you’re only going to create followers who satisfy your own ego’s need for gratification.

Is that really, what the world needs in a leader?

Leadership is quite challenging on the other hand.

  1. Your views usually challenge the status quo.
  2. Many around you will be too afraid to publicly support you for fear of what the people around them may think
  3. People will get irritated by your message.
  4. Some will try to publicly shame you or go out of their way to prove you wrong.
  5. Others will all together leave your side for no other reason than that you are now a threat to their secure little world. Especially that one person who will make you out to be “dangerous” because look out how you don’t fit in with the herd!

Despite all that, great leaders must share their truth. There’s no other way for them to truly feel alive without leaving an impact on this magnificent planet that we are so blessed to live on.

So there are good leaders and there are great leaders. Great leaders, especially when starting out, walk their path alone. Their mission is purely to create leaders.


Because their mission in this lifetime is so massive. They need others to help them create the vision that is bigger than they are.

They need other warriors who aren’t afraid to walk the journey different from the crowd.

So I ask you, are you ready for leadership? Is this something you feel your soul yearning to step into?

I will tell you this. Stepping into leadership will not be easy. It is a journey and a role you grow into as you step into your greatness. It will be challenging and it will be tough. It will test your strength and sense of self-worth to the extreme. But the rewards along the way of love, peace, happiness, fulfillment, and the impact you will feel in return far outweighs the struggle to become a great leader.

Your soul will thank you for your courage, as will the world.


What does leadership mean to you? Do you see yourself stepping into this role? Share with me in the comments below!

Peace + standing in your truth