3 Key Moves To A Better Life

3 Key Moves To A Better Life

How To Be Comfortable With What Is

Have you ever wondered how others do it all in life and business? Have you ever felt like the only one who just can not seem to get it all together?

I used to feel like that all the time. Whatever success I achieved in one area of my life always felt like it took away my ability to focus on other areas with full presence. Something always had to suffer.

That is until life decided to send me a clear signal, which completely knocked me off my feet and turned my whole life upside down.

I experienced a health tragedy which left me on life-support for years with severe limitations and disabilities.

I lost just about all I had created for my life.

Six years later I am rebuilding everything, but this time from a deeper part of my soul than I’ve ever been connected to before. This time I’m going within to create the world I choose to see without.

I had a choice of letting my limitations hold me back or learning to love myself exactly as I am. I had to learn to find joy in the moment. I had to acknowledge how blessed I was to have the opportunity to creatively figure out exactly how I could move through life despite my circumstances.

In order for you to do this too, you have to keep in mind 3 main points as you move through life despite your darkest moment:

  1. You can have it all but it doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once.
  2. You have to forgive the past + accept circumstances you are currently in, for you to truly be able to move forward.
  3. As long as you are committed, know that each step you courageously take moves you closer to your dreams, no matter how fast or how slow.

You can learn so much about yourself and what you are capable of through your darkest moments.

For me, it has required a lot of love, forgiveness, acceptance and patience. Heart-felt dedication, commitment, and tapping into the Universal powers within, have enabled me to find my way back to the brightest and most vibrant essence of my soul.

If you have ever experienced this power running through your veins or would like to know more on how to create this for your life, please comment below!

Peace + happiness,


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    This is perfect #tigermama ?

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    A spirited address. Thanks for posting!

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