10 Rockstar Ways To Avoid Burn-Out

10 Rockstar Ways To Avoid Burn-Out

Did last year burn you out? The new year has just begun, and instead of starting off 2017 with enthusiasm in your business, some of you may be feeling tired, frustrated, confused, and unmotivated behind-the-scenes.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires an unusually high level of performance that most are not accustomed. A lack of discipline and understanding of how to harness one’s inherent powers can send a new entrepreneur spiraling out of control right into the depths of burnout.

Here are 10 ways to ignite your 2017 and make sure you return to rockstar status, hit your targets, and avoid burn out in the future. These strategies helped me launch my growing new business venture without running my health into the ground, post near-death tragedy and heart transplant.

  1. Identify what you want to create. Most do not take the time to write down yearly goals. Identifying targets is essential for success. You must know where you are going so you don’t get derailed along your journey.
  2. Feel into each milestone. What words can you use to describe this feeling? Feeling the emotions surrounding your goals can help you set intentions that hold true.
  3. Uncover your blocks. What has been preventing you from reaching each of these milestones in the past? Break this down for each goal. Some of our greatest knowledge can come from our biggest failures.
  4. Explore your energy leaks. Identify where your time is being wasted or drained. Focus is crucial in business.
  5. Reveal what fuels you. What feeds you with inspiration and motivation? Power and momentum are what will catapult your business to new heights.
  6. Identify who already has what you desire. How can you get to know them better? How can you provide value to them? How can you be of service? Make sure you focus on a few key people so you can build that deeper connection. Networking with as many people as possible is essential to your business growth but for this exercise, identify just a few with whom you would like to build a lasting relationship.
  7. Focus on self-care. While hustle is a term used frequently online, only you know how much effort you are putting into your business. Do the work but never neglect the power of focusing on your mind, body, and soul. Your business productivity will increase, and your results will show in the end.
  8. Remove any sources of negativity. Creating a positive environment around you is critical to your success in business.
  9. Connect with people offline and in real life. Networking outside of my home was difficult for me right after my near-death tragedy, but I didn’t let this stop me. I made sure that I developed deeper connections with others by jumping on a quick phone or video call as soon as we met. Intimate connections helped me build my trust factor much faster than interacting solely on a comment thread. This one small shift in my business helped me scale my tribe to thousands in under three months. Once my body had completed rehabilitation, I slowly began venturing out of the house to meet my new online friends in places like Bali, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City.
  10. Course-correct with speed. I have learned in business to embrace my mistakes, pivot, and move on. Disappointments and failures happen in business all the time. You must learn to feel your emotions about whatever situation has transpired, no matter how uncomfortable. Once you feel them, you can commit to not staying in that place. You can choose to know better, do better, and be better.

Peace + New Beginnings,